The Interracial Program

We pay our affiliates 40% of all sales and all rebills. The way we have our program setup it is the absolute best way for you to make the most money.
Our mission at is clear: Make our website visitors happy and to make you more money with us than with anyone else…FAST.

We will do absolutely everything to help you succeed. We want to build a solid long-term business relationship with you; and we are here to stay.
Here is just some of what we will provide you with:

You get checks/deposits from our processor Verotel directly!
Verotel is a highly rated and trusted credit card processor
Weekly payments available
High retention(rebill) rates as customers are happy!
New content added at least once per month(up to 4 times per month)
I can shoot custom content and scenes for high traffic affiliates
Fast response times to any questions or issues.
Exclusive content! We shoot everything in house.
We do not allow TGP/MGP so content is not diluted!

Need anything else? Just ask and we will deliver!!!

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