Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How can my wives party with you guys?

Its pretty simple, to start, you will need to take of pic of her holding a sign that says “lamandingos” or you can provide a telephone number where we can reach BOTH of you. The pic and or phone call will verify that you are for real and not bullshitting us. There are alot of people who like to play games so we have to verify you are real. If you cant take the pic or we cant talk to her then its clear something is not right and you should look elsewhere.

2 – Will you guys suprise my wife? Can you guys seduce my unsuspecting wife or girlfriend?

No. We dont seduce, coax or talk anyone into anything. Once she is a true black cock slut let us know.

3 – Do you guys video tape and take pictures at all the parties?

No. Honestly we take pics at less then 10% of all parties. This is because most females and or couples wish to be low key and not have their faces shown and we respect that. Alot of times the hubby wants to take pics and video for their own personal use and that is fine as well.

4 – How many guys are in the group?

We have about 40 guys total that are active in the group and about 200 on the mandingo mailing list. On average we party with four guys to a girl. Sometimes we get total cum sluts who want to fuck 30 and 40 guys but unless we have partied with you before you can expect anywhere to 2 to 4 guys.

5 – How often do you gangbang wives?

I get this question many many times each day. The short answer is: As often as we can.